Nablus, West Bank | 2012-2013



The series Nablus explores the urban landscape of the Palestinian city of Nablus in the Occupied West Bank. Architectural elements such as voids left by buildings collapsed by Israeli missile attacks, underground caverns from Roman times, the labyrinthine system of alleys in the refugee camp of Balata, take on a symbolic resonance. Various places in the city seem to be repositories of collective memory and emotion. Walls are covered with political graffiti and images of young men killed in the conflict. Other spaces seem like vestiges from another time, removed from the present day realities.

Nablus is a vital center of Palestinian culture and identity as well as the birthplace of the Intifada. A majority of the militants originate from this city, and its residents have suffered a disproportionate number of casualties. While there has not been any major violence in recent years, the city is encircled by Israeli settlements and military bases. Soldiers from these bases enter the city each night after midnight on patrols.

The short film Mufid follows a young boy named Mufid and his group of friends in the center of Nablus. Mufid and his group range in age from 10-15. They hover between childhood preoccupations and a growing awareness of the world and political situation around them. The film follows there interactions among one another, their lives at school and with their families. Through the boys, the film offers a window into Palestinian society at this pivotal moment.